Our First Full Year at Nantcellan

We moved into Nantcellan as a family, during the Autumn of 2021 and started work on making the habitats more nature friendly immediately, we put in low impact infrastructure for the campsite in spring 2022 and all the money we made from our campers has been put back into the campsite facilities and managing our land to improve biodiversity. We keep our campsite simple and focus on the environment being the important and enjoyable part of camping. For example, the dawn birdsong here is absolutely amazing and we have an abundance of insect species spotted onsite from dragon flies to unusual moths (more about that in the next post).

After the camping season ended in 2022, we started planting trees which the woodland trust provided us with, during the winter months we planted over 1500 trees and have created a 10 meter wildlife corridor around our boundary which will join with the nearest native woodland.

For the first year in many the hedgerows were left un-flailed to create and maintain nature corridors for nesting birds and native invertebrates also connecting to the surrounding woodland. This increases biodiversity and sustains the populations of current wildlife such as barn owls, herons, badgers and many of the other species

Our annual bird survey, in 2022 showed the bird survey showed little decrease in local species in the last 25 years. We cut the hay later in the season to allow ground nesting birds to fledge and to create vertebrate and invertebrate habitats.

If you’d like to come and stay and listen to the birdsong and see what creatures you can spot, you could book one of our pre-erected, roomy bell tents, which are now provided empty to keep the price low, visit our camping pages for information.

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